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While on probation for charges relating to his work at the Wagoner Clinic, William Terpstra recently was hit with a charge of child molestation. The most recent charge against Terpstra came in late March. In September of 2015 the former doctor pleaded guilty to dealing in a narcotic drug and dealing in a controlled substance in connection to his work at the Wagoner Medical Centers in Burlington and Kokomo, which the pill mill prosecutors said resulted in more than two dozen deaths as the result of illegal prescribing practices. Now, about two-and- a-half years later, Terpstras legal troubles mount. On March 28 a p r o b a b l e c a u s e a f f i d a v i t was filed in H a m i l t o n c o u r t s a l l e g i n g between, on, or about June 1, 2017, and Nov. 30, 2017, Terpstra did perform fondling or touching of a child under the age of 14 with the intent to arouse or satisfy the sexual desires of the child or himself, a level 4 felony of child molesting. According to the Indiana University Kokomo soon will have another housing option for students looking to leave the nest. Developer Dave Van Baalen of 6G Properties, LLC announced his intent to construct a student housing complex near the IUK campus. If all goes according to plan, construction will begin later this year. There is a demand for housing all over Kokomo and especially near the university, said Van Baalen. Students want to live near the campus and have easy access. It is a great location because it is low tric, and the city is planning bike and walking paths. Students want to be able to get to the school easily. Dubbed University Park, the housing complex will include 125 beds and strictly will cater to the student population. The complex will feature a 1:1 bed to bath ratio, allowing for greater privacy for students. Each unit also will feature common areas with kitchens and a living room, allowing students to lock their doors and have a private space. Its slated for construction on South Lafountain Street. Van Baalen was hopeful that the nature of the single-use, all-student housing development would attract residents. University Park will have to go through the zoning process for approval before construction. Van Baalen anticipated construction to begin in June, giving way to a 12-month build. The goal would be to open in June or July of 2019. Units will be pre- leased, and a website will be launched to accommodate potential tenants, according to the developer. Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight said he views the development A local company with a worldwide reach an- nounced its intent to expand its facility and workforce. Kokomo-based Green Cubes Technology, a developer and manu- facturer of advanced battery power systems, will construct a new 20,000-square-foot facili- ty on Pipeline Way on the citys south side. It also will be boosting its full- time workforce from 16 to 87 employees by 2021. Green Cubes Vice Pres- ident of Engineering An- thony Cooper said the ex- pansions were motivated by several factors. Kokomo has a wealth of engineering talent, said Cooper. So it made sense to expand here. Kokomo embraces new technology and emerg- ing green technology. The ongoing development in Kokomo will attract skilled talent, so we will always have a deep talent pool to draw from. The development comes on the heels of another recent technolo- gy-based companys ex- pansion in Kokomo. AndyMark announced in March it too had plans to grow. The Koko- mo-based robotics com- pany will create 30 more jobs by 2021, adding to its workforce of 26 full-time employees and 29 part- time seasonal employees. The distributor and mak- er of robotic parts within the mobility and competi- tion market, with a focus on robotics education, also needed to lease an additional 8,000 square feet of warehouse space to accommodate growing demand and also pur- chased an 88,000-square- foot facility at 1900 E. North St. to accommo- date even more growth. The companys transition to the new location was expected to take place in May. Mayor Greg Good- night said he viewed the Green Cube expansion as a big win for the city of Kokomo. We are thrilled that Green Cubes chose Ko- komo for its expansion, said Goodnight. This is the kind of technolo- gy-based business that can have a lasting impact on our growth. These kinds of businesses, like Green Cubes, will cer- tainly define future in- dustry here. Green Cubes Technol- ogy was established in 1986 and has global op- erations in Malaysia, Tai- wan, Indian, and China. 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