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Demaree aims to end Congress dead-lock As the Democratic candi- date in the Fifth Congressional District race, Angela Demaree brings a unique background to the table. She's a major in the U.S. Army Reserves with a deploy- ment during Operation Endur- ing Freedom under her belt. Shes a veterinarian and the daughter of two public school teachers. Utilizing all these unique experiences, she hopes to end the dead-lock in Con- gress. So far this year, 31 pieces of legislation have been written into law. Over the last couple years ire has been dispensed by the American people over what has been called the most unproductive Congress in American history. They've got a 247 vote ma- jority, said Demaree. It takes 218 to pass something. So why do we have the least produc- tive Congress in history? 765-452-0055 kokomoperspective.com e-edition For Local Weather Call 457-9211 Sponsored by: City of Kokomo, Coca-Cola, White's Meat Market, Brad Howell, Miller's Variety Store, William's Shoes Over 3.97 Million Callers May 25, 2016 Craig Dunn, William Bersbach, Denise Stover and Roger Yeoman are Registered Representatives of and securities are offered through LaSalle St. Securities LLC (LSS), a registered Broker/Dealer and member of FINRA & SIPC. Mr. Dunn and Mr. Bersbach are Investment Advisor Representatives of and advisory services are offered through Liberty Financial Advisors LLC (LFA), a Registered Investment Advisor. LSS is not affiliated with LFA or Liberty Financial Group, Inc. Investing involves risks, including the risk of principal loss. Roger Yeoman Denise Stover William Bersbach Craig Dunn Website: www.libertyfngp.com cdunn@lasalle-st.com 1213 East Hoffer St. Kokomo, IN 765.457.1134 PLAN TODAY FOR YOUR FUTURE. by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Coming off of a primary win, she faces Rep. Susan Brooks in 5th Congressional District race Perspective Photo / Provided DEMAREE- Angela Demaree works with a military dog, a prac- tice combining her veterinary training and time as a soldier. Demaree A6 FALLEN OFFICERS Perspective Photo / Devin Zimmerman HONOR - Kokomo Police Department Officer Brandon Hector places a carnation near a wreath commemorating the officers who have died in the line of duty. As is tradition, the Ko- komo Police Department held its annual Law En- forcement Memorial Ser- vice on Wednesday. Among those gathered in the crowd at City Hall, as the color guard presented the col- ors and laid carnations in remembrance of the two KPDicerswhohavedied while serving the city, was Ken Berryman. The two former KPD of- icers honored during the ceremony were Thomas Lannon, who was killed Aug. 22, 1877, and Al Berry- man, Ken's father, who was killed on Nov. 26, 1953. On the Thanksgiving night Al was killed, he was tasked with responding to a domestic disturbance on West Mulberry Street. Shortly after arriving at the home of Archie Spear, who was intoxicated at the time, Spear shot and killed Al. At the time, Ken was 5 years old, and his sister Linda Brock, just 10. I don't have a lot of memories just because I was so young, said Ken. I remember the funeral. I remember seeing him in the casket. I remember when it happened. I think Linda and I both were with our aunt, who lived in Ko- komo. Mom came to tell us, she took me to the bedroom and told me, and I didn't be- lieve it. I refused to believe it because I really didn't un- derstand. I remember that. Their memories of their father are sparse due to their age at the time of his death, but they cherish the time they got with Al. Pri- marily, they remember him as a hardworking individ- ual, possessing two other jobs in addition to his work as an icer. One job included spread- ing fertilizer on farmland with an apparatus Al would hook to a truck. I had just gotten to the point where he started to take me with him to do things, said Ken. I re- member one time, it was just he and I, and there was something going on where it wouldn't spread fertilizer properly. He had me hold onto the wheel of the truck and he told me I was driv- ing. It was huge for me. He was in the back trying to get the apparatus adjusted. That's something I remem- ber a lot. Linda said she remem- bers her father as a commu- nity-minded man, who at a time when Waste Manage- ment didn't exist, worked to clear trash from around the city. Also, when their mother Katherine was in- jured in a car wreck, Al taught Linda to cook. Dad taught me to cook, said Linda. I was 9 years old, and he taught me to cook French fries and ham- burger steak. I had never cooked before and that was always a big thing for me. Children of icerAl Berryman,who was killed in 1953 while on duty, reflect on their father Officers A9 Local public figures weigh in on Trump The Republican frontrunner in the presi- dential race, Donald Trump, has said a lot. He's said things people agree with, and he's said plenty that in- censed Americans and international residents alike. So, what do people around here think? The Kokomo Perspec- tive presented sev- eral public icials from both sides of the aisle with vari- ous Trump quotes, and gathered their thoughts on the candidate's statements. Kokomo Mayor Greg Goodnight said he's troubled by Trump's antics. A few months ago he tried to publicly humiliate and embarrass the gentleman with physical disabilities, the reporter, said Goodnight. Somebody who comes from a pampered background like Donald Trump, someone who is just so proudly insensitive about trying to humiliate and embarrass and do that, that is immoral. Goodnight also railed against the presiden- tial candidate's former statements, especially those that sexualized Trump's daughter, as well as statements disparaging John McCain. But most of all, Goodnight ex- pressed disappoint- ment in the political igures who have supported Trump thus far. I don't know if I'm more bothered by Donald Trump or the people who are supporting him, said Goodnight. I'll give you one pub- lic elected figure that has lost what respect I had for him, Governor Mike Pence. He chose party iliation over what's good for this country. He supports someone who attacks a prisoner of war who served his country. Mike Pence supports someone who makes, even thinks, let alone makes, a comment about his own flesh and blood, and supports someone who degrades people who have disabilities that they probably wish they didn't have by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Trump A3 Miklik Goodnight 9211 We use the Perspective twice a month because IT WORKS! We get great coupon results. The Kokomo Perspective is the only paper we use." -Pam Beckom President, Pizza Hut Kokomo

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