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As the General Election creeps closer, local citi- zens want to know where Democrat Abbie Smith, Re- publican Tyler Moore, and Libertarian Michael Virgin stand on the issues. This week the Kokomo Perspective wraps up the public safety questionnaire sent to each candidate con- cerning public safety with inquiries about local ambu- lance services, infrastruc- ture as it relates to public safety, and more. To read the candidates previous responses, check out last weeks edition of the Koko- mo Perspective or visit ko- komoperspective.com. 5. Do you believe the city needs to return the fire de- partments ambulance to service? Why or why not? Abbie Smith, Democrat: We cannot return to any- thing. We can only move forward. As we plan our future and where we go next, I will work with dispatch, local hospitals, assisted living centers, and first responders to evaluate re- sponse times for initial on- scene units and additional safety personnel arriving to ensure the public safety system we build together serves the citizens of Koko- mo on what is most like the worst day of their lives. Tyler Moore, Republi- can: There are definitely benefits to returning the Kokomo Fire Departments ambulance service. This would not only increase the safety of our citizens but of our firefighters as well. Currently KFD personnel are often called upon to as- sist the EMS service on the scene of an incident to help with the eventual transport of an injured individual. This then forces a KFD apparatus to follow the ambulance to the hospital, which then takes it out of I n 2013, hiker Scot Taba Ward came to Kokomo to chart new territory by interlinking the City of Firsts trails to pathways to the north and south to create the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail, a trail that makes it possible for adventure- seekers to trek from Lake Michigan to the Atlantic Ocean. Ward released a guidebook the following year that maps the system of pathways, and he touted it as a brand-new type of trail, one that allows hikers to really get to know America. The Lakes-to-Ocean Trail passes through major cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, and Knoxville, but it also weaves through smaller towns, farmlands, deep-trench gorges with caves, forests, streams, piedmonts, swamps, and beaches. I interlinked all these trails because America needed a new kind of trail. We needed a discovery trail because theres no place to put a new trail in America, so the only way to do it is to do it the way Ive done it where its roads and forests, a blend of each. You actually get to know America, and America gets to know you, Ward said. Now, five years after releasing the guidebook, a 28-year-old woman has completed the Lakes-to- Ocean Trail, making her the first person to walk it straight through. Last week, she passed through Kokomo as she finished the last leg of the 1,700- mile hike. Allison Irion, a Cicero- Native, started the hike on April 1 in Morgan- Monroe State Forest in Martinsville, Ind., and walked through Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and landed in Awendaw, S.C., before hitching rides north to Chicago where she got back on the trail to finish the journey back to Morgan-Monroe State Forest, completing the Lakes-to-Ocean Trail. Last Wednesday, she hiked 49 miles from Rochester to Kokomo where she used Wards guidebook to find shelter at Kokomo-resident Valerie Gordons home. Gordon housed Ward in 2013 for a few days while he worked to map the citys trails and agreed to be listed in his guidebook as a trail angel, someone hikers could call and request a nights stay with as they completed the A newly-discovered re- cording of a jailhouse tele- phone call between Laun- den Luckettand a Kokomo Police Department detec- tive cast doubt on claims made by witnesses and a former local prosecutor, James Fleming, who faces potential disciplinary ac- tion for possibly making illegal witness payments in multiple 2010 murder trials. Last week both the Indi- ana Supreme Court Disci- plinary Commission and former Howard County Prosecutor James Flem- ing's defense filed their inal findings and conclu- sions in disciplinary pro- ceedings against the for- mer prosecutor. In those, the commission elabo- rated on a recently-un- earthed recording of a telephone call between the case's central figure, mur- der-trial witness Laund- en Luckett, and the KPD detective who worked the case Luckett was uti- lized in. That phone call, claimed the commission, showed that a portion of Flemings defense was demonstrably false and not credible. Two factors remain central to the case against Fleming, which centers on the 2010 murder trials of Abby Rethlake, during which gang-member Luckett served as a pri- mary witness. Those are whether Luckett, who af- ter serving as the primary witness in trials received the balance of a $10,000 re- ward fund established in the murder victims mem- ory, was told prior to tes- tifying he would receive the reward money in ex- change for his testimony. The second factor was if the utilization of the MORE THAN 31,000 DISTRIBUTED WEEKLY & MORE THAN 320,000 MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS AT KOKOMOPERSPECTIVE.COM Kokomoperspective.com 209 N. Main St. - Kokomo 765.452.0055 August 21, 2019 Hiking A6 Fleming A3 Safety A7 by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID KOKOMO, IN PERMIT NO. 60 **************ECRWSSEDDM************** Residential & Business Customer Howard County residents show your ID and Play for $33 3200 Timber Valley Dr Kokomo, IN 46902 765.455.3673 exp. Aug 21, 2019 Howard County residents show your ID and Play for $33 s exp. Aug 21, 2019 Perspective Photo / Alyx Arnett SHELTER FOR THE NIGHT - Allison Irion, a long-distance hiker, seeks shelter at Valerie Gordon's house in Ko- komo last Wednesday night. Gordon's home address was listed in the guidebook Irion was using as a place where hikers could stay for a night of shelter as they pass through Kokomo on the trails. On public safety: part two Commission claims Fleming, witnesses lied during discipline hearing Court docs: newly-discovered phone call contradicts some testimony in Flemings defense Fleming by Alyx Arnett Editor editor@kokomoperspective.com

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