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Kokomo Police Depart- ment released body cam footage from a recent ar- rest that occurred in front of the stage during the recent Haynes Apperson Festival. In July a video captur- ing the arrest of Jonatan Cantu,25,byKPDicers during the Haynes Apper- son Festival went viral. That video showed i- cers deploying strikes and a stun gun against Cantu as he lay on the ground but failed to show what led to the altercation between the icers and the Koko- mo man who, according to court documents, was harassing event staff and attendees for being the devil. The newly-released body cam footage, pro- cured through an infor- mation request to the city, shed more light on the event as KPD icials de- fend their icers'use of force during the incident. Footage from the first iceronthescene'sbody cam began as the icer approached the park in his vehicle, and he made his way toward the concert area of Foster Park on foot after parking on Superior Street. Whentheicerarrived to Cantu's location, just in front of the stage in Fos- ter Park as a band played during the festival, Can- tu was seen in the video standing about two feet Multiple downtown businesses recently got a fresh splash of color at the hands of a popular mu- ralist. Now, faces of moti- vational figures ranging from Mr. Rogers to former President Barack Obama and Bruce Lee adorn the brick walls in the alley next to Kokomo Toys and Collectibles. Outside Os- car's Pizza, an enormous train barrels down the wall of the building. And within The Coterie and Sycamore Social Club, vi- brant, new murals adorn the walls. All of these new pub- lic and semi-public art pieces cropped up within the last few weeks after Jules Muck, who goes by the artist handle of Muck Rock, was commissioned by local business owners to add a bit more color to their establishments. Public art adds so much to our community, and I hope this is the cata- lyst to having more artists share their works in Ko- komo, said Kyle Gibson, the owner of The Coterie and Sycamore Social Club who originally contacted Muck in order to bring her work to Kokomo. It's a unique way to enhance our civil spaces and may- be gain a little cultural value to downtown. According to Gibson, he commissioned Muck's work a few weeks ago, and she was given free rein over a wall within his bar. Quickly an image of a woman seemingly tak- ing in a 3D movie while drinking a soda emerged on his wall. Then, things cascaded from there with other businesses deciding they wanted similar treat- ment. Muck garnered noto- riety in Indiana for her work in Indianapolis, most recently in the form of a mural of Larry Bird adorned with tattoos. Her artistic roots are in griti. When Muck was younger she said she was discovered by artist San- dra Fabara, also known as Lady Pink, who found her in the midst of creat- ing new griti. Fabara took Muck in as a paid apprentice. I went from being kind of a hoodlum brat to an artist working with her, said Muck. But Muck maintained her griti roots, and spray paint cans remain the primary tool in her ar- tistic bag. Muck travels a lot for her work, going where the work takes her. She was born overseas but grew up in New York. Now she travels the coun- MORE THAN 31,000 DISTRIBUTED WEEKLY & MORE THAN 320,000 MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS AT KOKOMOPERSPECTIVE.COM Kokomoperspective.com 209 N. Main St. - Kokomo 765.452.0055 August 28, 2019 Muck A7 Video A3 by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID KOKOMO, IN PERMIT NO. 60 **************ECRWSSEDDM************** Residential & Business Customer Perspective Photo / Devin Zimmerman ARTISTRY - A mural outside Kokomo Toys and Collectibles by Jules Muck depicts inspirational figures from history. Muck completed a series of other murals around downtown. KPD releases video of Haynes Apperson Festival arrest Perspective Photo / File INCIDENT - A still shot from body cam footage shows Jonatan Cantu holding a cross in an EMA official's face. MUCK ROCK INVADES KOKOMO Traveling artist commissioned to paint murals downtown by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Northwestern board member sues after his pricey bus route is cut Bus route cuts projected to save up to $100,000 annually, intended to go toward teacher raises Jones Northwestern School Corporation and one of its board members are locked in a legal dispute after the school corpo- ration cut the member's bus route. The board member sued the school in hopes of recovering costs for what was the corporation's most ex- pensive bus route. Before the school year began, Northwest- ern School Corporation (NSC) began the process of garnering bids for four of its contracted bus routes. Included in those bids were those of school board member Ste- ven Jones and his wife, Kristy. At some point, negotiations between the pair and the school reached an impasse as the school tried to save costs on some of its most expensive bus routes. The school ended up piece-mealing out one of the two routes in ques- tion while assigning the other to a corporation bus driver. The move, which a school review found would save the corpora- tion up to $100,000 an- nually, resulted in Jones and his wife suing the school corporation and creating an unusual sit- uation where a board member was fighting cost-savings relating to his own personal work. According to docu- ments and emails re- ceived from NSC after a public records request, this year's bus route bid- ding involved the two routes operated by Jones and Kristy, as well as two others, all of which function contractually with the corporation. The corporation operates both contractual routes Bus A8 Visit Kokomoperspective.com to see the full video Body cam footage shows beginning of altercation seen in viral video

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