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Nine months after a Peru woman died after being struck by a vehicle in the JCPenney park- ing lot, a Kokomo man has been charged in her death. On Sept. 4, Kody Key, 26, the man accused of hitting the woman with his truck, was arrested and charged with OWI while causing death. The charge came after a recently-completed blood toxicology test showed THC was in Keys system at the time of the accident, accord- ing to court documents. The arrest stems from an incident from Feb. 4 when, at about 1 p.m., Kokomo Police Depart- ment icers responded to an accident outside in the JCPenney parking lot. When they arrived on the scene, they found 76-year-old Sharon Ed- wards lying in the park- ing lot unresponsive. According to court doc- uments, a white Dodge Ram 1500 was parked near Edwards, and the driver of the vehicle, Key, was very upset and crying outside the vehicle. icers spoke with two witnesses on the scene. One witness told them he observed the white Dodge Ram turn south into the main drive beside JCPenney, and at that time he saw the female step off the curb. The white truck struck the female, and the female fell back, striking her head the truck then backed up approximately two feet, and the driver exited the vehicle and went to the female who had been struck. Court documents also indicated Key spoke with icers on the scene. In a probable cause idavit, one of- icer wrote, I was told that Kody was making a turn, and he felt that the woman in question had made a hand gesture toward him to contin- ue on. When he contin- ued on, she stepped out in front of him, and he could not stop in time to avoid the collision. Key agreed to a blood draw and proceeded with icers to a lo- cal hospital to have the draw completed. Ed- wards later died on the morning of Feb. 5. Post-accident investi- gations by KPD icers on Keys vehicle yield- ed little evidence, with no damage, markings, or bodily fluids on the truck indicating an im- pact area. Additionally, one witness told icers he never heard any loud engine revving, squeal- ing tires, or other audi- ble indicators that the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed. [The witness] also be- lieved that based on the fact the victim had fell In 1985, at the age of 19, Teresa Blueitt faced one of the hardest deci- sions of her life. She was recently sin- gle, the mother of a 1-year-old son, and liv- ing in Kokomo when she found out she was preg- nant. Questions swirled in her mind surrounding the possibility of rais- ing a second child, from the financial aspects to the impact another child would have on her desire to pursue higher educa- tion and the situation it would create with the unborn childs father, who also had fathered her 1-year-old. It was about the re- sponsibility of raising two kids and me going on to do some of the things I planned to do, such as go to school and take care of the son I al- ready had to give him all that I could, said Blueitt. Not that I didnt want that for Dallas at the time. It was more about if I could put him in a situation to hopefully get what I was trying to give my first son without having to deprive either. Thats what I wanted to do. Thats what it set out to be. She decided to con- tinue the pregnancy and gave birth to a baby boy on Aug. 25, 1985, with adoption proceedings already underway. Two days later, the boy and Blueitt's paths diverged, never to see each other again for 34 years. I gave birth. I signed the papers. I went home, and that was it, said Blueitt. The child was put un- der the care of an interme- diary family, an Amish family in Howard Coun- ty, before he was adopted by a Terre Haute woman, Both major party can- didates in this years up- coming mayoral election received campaign en- dorsements last week. Republican Tyler Moore championed an endorsement from the Kokomo Fraternal Order of Police, while Demo- crat Abbie Smith touted an endorsement by the Howard-Tipton Chapter of AFL-CIO. Both en- dorsements serve as the irst from sizable union organizations this elec- tion cycle. The FOP announced the endorsement for Moore on the organiza- tions Facebook page on Sept. 5. The post read, The Kokomo FOP re- cently held a vote to determine if our union should endorse a candi- date for mayor during this years election. Af- ter the vote, it was de- termined that we had a majority of the voting members that wished to endorse a candidate. With that being said, it was a unanimous vote to endorse Tyler Moore for mayor of Kokomo. The Kokomo FOP now icially endorses Tyler Moore for mayor. In a release, Moore thanked the FOP for the endorsement. I am honored to re- ceive the FOPs endorse- ment and look forward to working closely with its members, as mayor, to allocate the resources they need to safely, ef- fectively perform their jobs, said Moore. I am MORE THAN 31,000 DISTRIBUTED WEEKLY & MORE THAN 320,000 MONTHLY PAGE VIEWS AT KOKOMOPERSPECTIVE.COM Kokomoperspective.com 209 N. Main St. - Kokomo 765.452.0055 September 11, 2019 Death A3 Family A7 Endorsements A5 by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com PRSRT STD U.S. POSTAGE PAID KOKOMO, IN PERMIT NO. 60 **************ECRWSSEDDM************** Residential & Business Customer September 11 2019 b by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Don t Miss Out ! Host Design will soon be relocating to Nashville TN. Final day to place custom framing orders is October 10, 2019. Call or text Patti for an appointment 765.210.5931 HOST DESIGN 2314 Valentine Dr. Kokomo 46902 457-9211 24 hour up to date weather Man charged months after death of woman in JCPenney parking lot FAMILY REUNION After being put up for adoption in 1985, Dallas Kay inally meets his birth mother, father, siblings Perspective Photo /Provided REKINDLING - (Left) Dallas Kay stands with his biological family, (left to right) father Brian Anderson, brother Devin Anderson, mother Teresa Blueitt, and sister Lakeshia Blueitt. Moore, Smith receive endorsements FOP endorses Moore; Smith receives AFL-CIO endorsement Smith Key Moore Court docs: Kody Key had THC in system at the time of the incident

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