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For years those living in the Ivy Hills housing subdivision, located on the southern end of Ko- komo near State Road 26, constantly dealt with drainage issues. Whether it was overflowing septic systems or waterways that would manifest during rain, the subdi- vision and its residents have been calling for change. As was made apparent after last week's Howard County Commissioner meeting, the problem is being tackled by the county in a two-pronged approach while the city of Kokomo also intends to move forward with ixes of its own. All in all, icials are hopeful the water problem in the area largely will be solved in the near future. I really believe this will be, in the next six to 12 months, one of the most important projects we do, said Commis- sioner Paul Wyman. The county's two- pronged approach to the issue involves steps to control water flowing into Ivy Hills and one to ensure water flows out of the area more quickly once it's there. The Howard Coun- ty Stormwater District is taking on the task of controlling the flow of water into the subdivi- sion is. To accomplish this goal, a water quality basin will be constructed on the southern side of State Road 26. Accord- ing to stormwater dis- trict Administrator Greg Lake, this will not only serve to improve the quality of water being fed into the basin by two nearby treatment plants, but it also will capture and hold water flowing through the area's water- shed toward Ivy Hills. The Kirkendall 123 Perspective Photo / File WET - Floodwaters pour through the Ivy Hills subdi- vision after a rainfall. Ivy Hills A2 State Rep. VanNatter received $18,605.68 in gifts from lobbyists Lobbyists showered State Rep. Heath Van- Natter with high-dollar sporting event tickets, concert tickets, and meals over the last three years. According to a review of Indiana Lobby Reg- istration Commission (ILRC) records, the Dis- trict 38 representative re- ceived $18,605.68 in gifts from lobbyists since the beginning of 2015. Those gifts spanned the gamut, from meals and drinks to athletic event tickets and tickets to suites in Lucas Oil Stadium. Con- cert tickets, WWE match tickets, and Monster Jam tickets also were found to be gifts given to the leg- islator. By comparison, VanNatter garnered more from lobbyists than any other area state legislator by a huge margin. Comparatively speak- ing, District 30 State Rep- resentative Mike Karick- hoffreceived just $996.20 in gifts since the begin- ning of 2015. District 32 State Representative Tony Cook received only $684.92 since election in 2016, and District 21 State Senator Jim Buck received $1,804.66 in gifts since the beginning of 2015. VanNatter defend- ed the practice and said by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Perspective Photo / File OUTINGS - Rep. Heath VanNatter stands with Mike Pence at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 2010. Gifts A7 City moves to straighten Markland/Washington intersection Perspective Photo / Slater Young IMPROVEMENTS - The curve of Washington Street at the Markland intersection soon will be straightened out. The city of Kokomo is working to procure a small amount of land in the Family Video parking lot to complete the work. One of Kokomo's busiest inter- sections soon will be undergoing a facelift. The city plans to straighten the intersection of Markland Avenue and Washington Street advanced last week with the administra- tion's move to acquire a portion of the Family Video's parking lot via eminent domain. Once completed, the land acquisition will allow the curve on Washington Street at the intersection to be moved, allowing for straighter passage down the thoroughfare. The eventual construction, ac- cording to city engineer Carey Stranahan, will not only remove the annoying jog at the intersec- tion, but also make the intersection safer. Yes, there are accidents there, said Stranahan. How many of those accidents are caused by that skew? It's hard to tell. There's so much noise when you look at ac- cident records to say the geometry causes an accident and quantify the amount of that cause is really not worthwhile. But from a qual- itative standpoint, straightening out the intersection, I think, is go- ing to make it safer. How much? We'll see once we do it. To accomplish the task the city iled action via eminent domain on a portion of the Family Video's parking lot, which is located on the southeastern corner of the in- tersection. Initially, an agreement couldn't be reached on the purchase of the desired portion of the video rent- al store's land. As a result, the city iled for eminent domain in ear- ly October. During a hearing in Howard Circuit Court last week counsel for K and E Enterpris- es, the owner of the land, did not appear. This resulted in the court moving to begin the process of se- lecting three appraisers to assign a value to the property, which then eventually will result in the city's acquisition of the land. Once that's complete the city will possess the real estate necessary to by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Intersection A7 A tale of two veterans Wars make all kinds of veterans and leave different sorts of wounds. From the worst nightmare that the Viet- nam War could create sprang forth a veteran represent- ing the best that man may offer, wrote former Republi- can Party Chair and local businessman Craig Dunn in his article, A tale of two veterans. 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