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A reminder of a local deputy's ultimate sacrifice now stands at the main in- tersection in Russiaville. On Sunday Howard Countyicialsdedicated a historical marker com- memorating Deputy Carl Koontz, who died in the line of duty on March 20, 2016. Standing at the pri- mary intersection of Rus- siaville, Union and Main streets, the marker memo- rializes Koontz, the events leading up to the deputys death, and his dedication to the Howard County Sheriff's Department. Carl is always going to be in our hearts and minds in law enforcement, said Sheriff Steve Rogers during a ceremony prior to the markers unveil- ing. Im just thrilled that this community will be reminded of what law en- forcement is committed to and what we have to do. The marker came about after collaboration be- tween Howard County Commissioner Paul Wy- man and Koontzs wid- ow, Kassandra. Address- ing the gathering during the unveiling ceremony, Wyman said the histori- cal marker not only rep- resents the sacrifice Carl gave for the community, but also that of the family he leftbehind. The sign not only represents the historical marker for Carl, but it rep- resents the incredible sac- rifice of his family as well Kassie, youve been in- credible in our communi- ty in how youve not only shown incredible grace through the process, but how youve reached out and helped others, said Wyman. I think of the day you came to the cross- ing school and met with the students. 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A partnership between Briggs Plumbing Prod- ucts and Laurcon Capi- tal LP soon will see the former Patriot Porcelain facility up and running again. A Laurcon Capital representative said the intent at this time is to open the manufacturing facility by spring 2018, at which point it will be used as a distribution center and manufacture sanitary wares along with producing internal trim ittings. Goals at this point for the new facility involve employing a workforce larger than the previ- ous ownership, aesthetic overhauls to the facili- ty, and expansion of the product line rolling out of the factory. We do have very big plans for the plant, said a Laurcon Capital repre- sentative, who spoke on behalf of Briggs President and CEO Chuck Dockery because he was out of the country. Were just not at liberty to discuss those. Theres a lot of people in the industry watching us, and I dont want to give any of our strategy away. This is definitely made in the USA. Theres more thats going to be made in the plant than just toilets. It's definitely going to be something that people in our industry will look at because the plant needs to be extremely profit- able to support this kind of effort and this kind of investment. At this point, the com- pany aims to employ a larger workforce than by Devin Zimmerman News Reporter dzimmerman@kokomoperspective.com Patriot A9 Perspective Photo / Devin Zimmerman NEW LIFE - Relaunched as Coast OEM, produc- tion expected to relaunch in spring 2018. Goodnight Harris Wyman VanNatter s 2017 comes to a close, the Koko- mo Perspective takes a look back at the biggest local movers and shakers of the last year. Some gar- nered attention for creat- ing lasting change, while others snagged eye-catch- ing headlines that dont necessarily place them in the best light. Either way, here are Howard Coun- ty's most notable figures for 2017. #1 Greg Goodnight A lot can change in the span of a year, or perhaps even months, and proof of that no- tion is readi- ly visible in a drive around Kokomo. U n d e r Mayor Greg Goodnights administra- tion, the city of Kokomo has continued its push to modernize local roads. In many instances, this involved decreasing lane size and installing vari- ous curbs, as was the case on Home Avenue. Other notable projects included work on the intersection of Markland and Park av- enues, transforming the once-clogged intersection into a roundabout. Of course, public opin- ion appeared divided on such projects, with seem- ingly everyone in the city possessing a polarized opinion of the road con- struction. Whats hard- er to dispute is the citys procurement of $800,000 in Community Crossings matching grant funding this year, which in the past the city utilized for some of its most trans- formative road projects. It will be interesting to see how that funding will be utilized in the coming construction season. Another drive for the mayor this year involved housing options. While it was reported that homes lew off the market, and realtors claimed it was a dicultyeartofindhous- es to sell, the city took to expanding local housing. Townhouses were the name of the game in 2017, as projects either were announced, completed, or passed through vari- ous stages of government approval. Downtown, the For- tune Companies town- houses beside the YMCA, built as part of a pub- lic-private partnership, are nearing completion. On Mulberry Street and Apperson Way, a $1.6 million townhouse de- velopment also will take place, as was announced this year. Also, as the product of a partnership with the city and a de- veloper, news broke of 45 affordable townhouses set for construction on the former Gateway Park. Adding to the innova- tion was the announce- ment of Kokomos urban infill program. With this program new homes will be constructed on the land formerly occupied by blighted homes. All in all, and taking into con- sideration the continued construction of the Flaherty and Collins apartments, the assist- ed living facility at the in- tersection of Park Avenue and Washington Street, and any other number of housing projects Good- night had his hands in during recent years, its easy to see how the may- or transformed not only local road infrastructure but also the housing op- tions that may help draw more residents into Koko- mo. #2 Maj. Gen. David Harris Retired Maj. Gen. Da- vid Harriss time in the local spotlight was short, but his efforts for Howard County veterans could make an impact for years to come. Tragically, Harris passed in August, but before that, he helped get the ball rolling on improving local health- care options for veterans. Utilizing contacts made during a long and prestigious ca- reer in the Indiana Army National Guard, Har- ris helped the Howard County Military Founda- tion make inroads with the Northern Indiana VA Health Care System. Harris and the Military Foundations initial goals have changed and mor- ... it's easy to see how the mayor transformed not only local road infrastructure but also the housing options that may help draw more residents to Kokomo. People A9 Goodnight Harris Historical marker dedicated to fallen deputy Perspective Photo / Devin Zimmerman MARKER - Kassandra Koontz, Commissioner Paul Wyman, and Sheriff Steve Rogers unveil a historical marker dedicated to the late Deputy Carl Koontz on Sunday in Russiaville.

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